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Need Help Locating a Person or With Procedures in Japan?

Onomichi Investigation and Associates headquarters was organized in Tokyo, Japan by Tetsuya Miyamoto in April 1995. Director Miyamoto is a private investigator and an Administrative Solicitor licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. We specialize in person location, surveillance, background check in investigation and administrative procedure services. Private investigation law was enacted on June 1 2007. Please visit our site for details.

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-Onomichi Investigation and Associates
-Bingo Sogo Office

Address: 3-8-7-615, Ebara,Shinagawa,Tokyo 1420063
Phone: +81-3-3785-8312
Fax: +81-3-6862-6743
Email: oia@d3.dion.ne.jp

Website: English Site