Who is Mr.Oka Masaharu?


He was: a protestant minister
the member of city assembly
representative of the protest group on Right of Korean in Nagasaki. Moreover,he was a complainant on the lawsuit concerning the unconstitutionality of a monument to loyal war dead.

Even though he was over 70 years old, he was so charming and energetic like a boy.
It has been talked about Japan's postwar compensation nowadays.
However,Mr.Oka took note from an early stage of Japan's war responsibility and undertook reserch and relief efforts for Korean atomic bomb survivors .
There is the monument for Korean victims of the Atomic bomb near the hypocenter. Mostly Mr.Oka's devotion made it.
We have an early morning memorial meeting on Aug.9,annually.
He always stood for the weak people's side and acted for them.
He had struggled against the government and enterprises that expressed no apology nor reconsideration.

He devoted himself to found a museum,to inform the truth of aggression,to reveal Japan's responsibiliry,to abolish discrimitation against Korean,and to make the government do compensate for war victims.
Unfortunately, he suddenly dead on July.21.1994.

Some people who sympathize with his idea gathered to make a museum.They started with no building,no estate,and no money. Nevertheless,they could solve those difficult problems.(We believe that Mr.Oka led and encouraged us, maybe....) Finally, one year since his dead, "Oka Masaharu memorial NAGASAKI PEACE MUSEUM" was completed.